Art Masters with Peter Elung’at

We celebrated our second anniversary with the launch of the Art Masters series and co-hosted the first event with renowned Kenyan artist Peter Elung’at at his Akachit in Rangau, Ongata Rongai. The purpose of the Art Masters series is to promote awareness, access and purchase of local art by the Kenyan community, some of whom have an interest in the visual arts but struggle to find a venue that best suits their disposition, and lowers the barrier of accessibility to art.

The day was a true celebration of both visual and culinary arts. Here are some images that paint a picture of the day.

Christmas Fair at The Hub Karen

Christmas shopping sprinkles merry all over this festive time. Families and friends gathered in different parts of the vast shopping center to buy gifts, decorations, food and clothes to sum up their Christmas shopping. The experience at the hub’s Christmas fair last year brought to the art community fine art that they seek to complete their holiday shopping experience.

A Kenyan Christmas at Rosslyn Riviera Mall

To usher in Christmas, we partnered with the Rosslyn Riviera Mall to bring you a flavor of ‘A Kenyan Christmas’.

We love interacting with you physically and digitally through our online platform, and we invite you to share with your loved ones our curated art collection. The piece they are looking to fill that new space is right in our Gallery!


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