In an exclusive interview with Kendi Art, Anne N. Mwiti breaks down a piece from her latest series “Isolationism”. Anne is an award-winning contemporary artist from Kenya and a Fine Art lecturer at Kenyatta University. At the age of five, she discovered different media of expression and recalls her first drawing to be that of an Egyptian princess that she scribbled on her father’s mathematics class notes. That human figure became the form that would feature through her work.

Anne Mwiti on “Belongings” from Isolationism.

Prior to the interview, Anne commented that her emotions were heavily invested in the project. In addition, she is highly intentional with how she depicts them on paper. Anne’s artworks are creations influenced by the contemporary world, African faces, spiritual expressions, intuitions from within her psyche and places she has visited.

While speaking on Belongings, she acknowledges travelling as inspiration. It is after comparing Egypt to Morocco prompted her to explore the subject of belonging. Anne realized that there is a strong correlation between a society’s identity and documentation of what they have done in the past.

She uses the two entangled human forms to pose the question, “What does belonging mean to you?” Does a human being belong to another human being perhaps? This embrace shows vulnerability in giving. Conclusively, how we relate to each, how we connect and our giving are the basis of our belonging.

Belongings, 2020
Ink pen on Paper

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