Kendi Art launches. Online marketplace for Contemporary African Art.

Online marketplace for East African Contemporary Art launches

Nairobi, Kenya – November 24, 2017

Kendi Art Limited, the first fully integrated online marketplace for contemporary art from East Africa today announced the launch of its website, The company, which prides itself on curating some of the best works of art from established and new artists from the region, will launch the new site on Black Friday, 2017.

“We are very excited about this new venture and the opportunity it presents to showcase on a global stage the exquisite works of art from East Africa,” says owner and Director of Kendi Art, Kui Ng’ang’a. “The marketplace enables each artist to showcase their works through an online gallery as an extension of their studio.  For the buyers, it offers a range of artworks – paintings, drawings, prints, mixed media, and sculptures, and caters to a wide range of budgets. It is such a pleasure to offer a platform that helps unearth the treasures from this region and present them to the rest of the world!” Most of the pieces on the website are originals.  Over time Kendi Art plans to grow its catalog of digital prints to make art more accessible to a wider range of art lovers.

John Silver, one of the artists to first set up shop on Kendi Art had this to say, “I am delighted with the partnership with Kendi Art and look forward to expanding my reach to the rest of the world. The marketplace is a game-changer in the East African art scene because it allows individual artists like myself to reach a wider audience without having to deal with complicated contractual arrangements.  I am sure it will result in a profitable relationship for both of us.”

Kendi Art is currently showcasing works of art from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda with plans to eventually expand to other East African countries.  The marketplace provides easy shopping by offering payment through major credit cards and M-Pesa, the world’s largest mobile money platform.  For efficient shipping, Kendi Art has partnered with DHL to ensure a safe and transparent shipping process across the globe. Kendi Art is the first company in Eastern Africa to integrate DHL services into its e-commerce platform.

To learn more about Kendi Art or to book an interview, contact the company at +254 743 656 200, email, or visit the website at

About Kendi Art Limited

The first online marketplace for East African Art, Kendi Art presents to the world exceptional artwork from the region for art lovers and collectors alike.  Kendi Art is a derivation of the term Lover of Art.  The company’s focus is to expose art lovers to the beautiful and undiscovered art from the region and, in the process, broaden the market for artists from East Africa.

Kendi Art boasts a wide range of artists as vendors. From more established and internationally celebrated artists to current art students with a distinct talent and style.

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