Christine Ng'ang'a in an interview during the Imara Roundtable

In a discussion on visual arts and trade during Goethe-Institut Kenya’s IMARA Roundtable, Kendi Art Founder & Director expounds on incorporating entrepreneurial skills in production and distribution of artwork to create sustainable careers for artists in the Cultural and Creative Industries in Kenya. 

The dynamic growth of the cultural and creative industry is propelled by many factors, for example, the convergence of media technologies has led to the integration of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in these industries. This has connected people with similar interests, leading to the emergence of consumers who are also creators.

As a result, the need for creating a more enabling environment for artists in Kenya and East Africa to trade arises. Kendi Art continues to address the gap in support of the arts that has been left by the lack of poor infrastructure, policies and public support of art. We are at the forefront of advocating for artists.


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