Bahati on a mound

Bahati on a mound


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Caroline Muchekehu

Caroline is a Kenyan artist who uses photography to identify with hidden qualities of her character, to better understand her reality, and to express her interpretation of the world around her. Her love for nature runs as far back as when she was a child, and turned to photography as a way of capturing and sharing her experiences. Her choice of subject emerged from an interest in ideas about beauty, and emotional connections with nature. “I enjoy taking photographs that capture candid moments. I photograph animals in their natural environment because I want to preserve a moment in time.” Her recent work has focused on capturing such moments and moods through light and composition. Through her images, she hopes to share the feelings of excitement, the adrenaline rush, and the pursuit of true depictions of the drama seen out in the bush, with everyone who sees her pictures. By sharing her experiences and images, she is taking the opportunity to educate people about wildlife while demystifying the lives of these animals, and generating global awareness about wildlife issues. In July 2019 she had her first solo exhibition, aptly named ‘Out of the Shadows’. You can see more of her work at or @seemuchphotography on Instagram and Facebook.

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