Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

By Erick Stickky


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Dimensions 75 × 50 cm

Erick Stickky

Eric has been an artist for the last three years, focusing on pop and funky art. This was inspired by his background as a dancer, and his love for hip hop and graffiti, which he incorporates in his paintings. “For me, art is therapy. It is a way of me losing what I am thinking about, making decisions and improving myself. It is about life and not about selling art,” he says. His artworks are inspired by many things around him. In one of his untitled pieces, he was inspired by a picture in the magazine and the bright colours it was captured in and decided to have it on canvas. He starts his painting from the background, by using a dirty mix of colours. “I do not plan the colours I use, I just go wild on the canvas,” he adds, saying he works in layers to give it the effect he wants. Stick'y work on canvas For Sticky, canvas is not the only surface he works on. He has worked on shoes and on denim. “For me, there is no difference in these materials. It is just that the space on shoes and denim is limited and not as wide as canvas,” he says, adding that he used fabric paints and a bit of acrylic on the denim. Sticky's art work on shoes He ended up at the Dust Depo gallery by sheer luck, having met Mukabi at the Godown a while back. He expressed his interest in art and being mentored and he has not looked back since.

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