It did smell in that dream

It did smell in that dream

By Ngene Mwaura


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Ngene Mwaura

Ngene Mwaura comes from Kikuyu, a farmland 15 miles outside of Nairobi, Kenya. He is a third-generation artist from a family of writers and storytellers. His father Mwaura Mureithi is the author of "The Adventures of Thiga". Ngene however much he loves writing, has found illustration to be his truest from of storytelling. His work is very deep in meaning, his collections represent certain phases of his life, from losing loved ones, to facing eviction and discovering what he calls "new orbits". Every painting tells his story. The succession of his work is a timeline of his perception and experiences to date. His work takes root from the farmlands of Africa and expands through the art world of Europe, and most recently to Los Angeles. You can find Ngene's work in the collections of the Commercial Bank of Africa and the Dutch Embassy, in Kenya.

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