Market Scene

Market Scene by Wanjohi Maina

Market Scene

By Wanjohi Maina




This painting is inspired by street sellers in Kenya’s market scene. Hawking is a hustle for many Kenyans that has received very strong criticism from the government. This has led to many low earning Kenyans to abandon the business.

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Wanjohi Maina

Anthony Wanjohi is an Eastlander from Bahati, which gives him the edge on the subject that he is currently focused on illustrating in his art — hawking. Street sellers who charmed Wanjohi into capturing their lives in photos, prints and paintings can hardly be seen in Nairobi’s city centre anymore. They have been cast out of town. Initially, he was painting, but he now spends practically all his time creating prints of Nairobi’s jua kali sales folk.

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