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Remmy Elvis artist

Every human being experiences a range of emotions. We feel joy and we feel pain. We feel happiness and we also feel sorrow. It is in our nature to express these emotions either to ourselves or to others. Some people chose to speak about their emotions, some people write about them in various forms and some people write beautiful melodies to express them. Remmyartist chooses art as his chosen method of expression. For each of the piece, with his knowledge in psychology He aims to capture a raw emotion and tell a story. Some pieces are simply an expression of his state of mind in that particular time. Others are a comment on various societal issues specifically those that have affected him in one way or another. He practices many forms of painting including portraiture and Landscape painting. He also has an interest in abstract art and realism and he is currently working on honing his skills in both forms of art. His chosen tools are pencils as well as paints and brushes with each used to craft different forms of art. He is inspired by various artists, some of whom have long passed on such as; Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci. He is also inspired by the general human condition and use his art to explore what it means to be alive and to be human. His hope is that the stories he tells with his paintings may inspire you all to tell your own.

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