By Dale Kotengo



Size: 36 X 36 inches (91cm x 91cm)

Acrylics On Canvas

Inspired by the legend of Mekatelili Wa Menza also known as Nnyazi Wa Menza who stood up for the rights of her people. Using a mother Hen and her chicks, she moved to demonstrate the idea of a mother’s defensive nature for her chicks as her own for her people. It is said that she slapped British Administrator Arthur Champion to the ground after he shot her hen. This lit the spark that would later on burn as the struggle for independence within the coastal region of Kenya in August 19th, 1913.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 91 × 91 cm

Dale Kotengo

Dale Kotengo is a Kenyan born artist/painter who started his career in The Kenyan Theater platform after studying graphics design in collage. He started off as a stage manager in theater right after school and worked his way to set designing in 5 years. The film industry then came knocking where he started off as a props master, moved on to set design and construction, Art Directing and eventually Production Design. He had dedicated a total of 15 years in film and theater when he decided to leave to go back to working on his painting. Mentored by his artist Mother since age 13 year to 19 years, he felt it was about time he went back to his humble beginnings and tell his own stories this time. Mostly working with Acrylics on canvas, he sometimes does pieces on mixed and heavily capitalizes on Afrocentric Themes and Surrealism Expressionism. A graphics artist, a stage manager, a set designer, an art director, a production designer becomes the artist.

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