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Okamar Onesmus

Born in 1994 in Western Kenya, Busia County, Okamar Onesmus is a self-taught artist who started painting in his early years. However, Okamar started his artistic practice in 2007 by following the work of his uncle Peter Elungat, and also reading the exhibition reviews in news papers and art books. His favourite art book is Art Across Time, where he discovered some of his heroes like Gustav Klimt, Leonardo Davinci, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo among others. Balancing between school work and artistic practice, Okamar began doing art as a career in 2012. In 2013 he met with Maina Boniface an artist who mentored him alongside his early mentor, Peter Elungat. His primary medium of practice in painting being oil on canvas, he produced numerous paintings before he later introduced acrylics to his paintings. In his paintings the main subject he puts emphasis on is LOVE, which he believes is the only solution to everything affecting people negatively in communities. In every painting he sends a message of love, peace, unity,purpose, hope, focus, harmony,determination, mutuality, cohesion among others. With his work, he is aiming to participate in the documentation and development of culture, create public awareness on matters in our communities and to fill in gaps in the local and international histories. Okamar has participated in various exhibitions in Kenya among them: Kenya Creative Week 2014 August, Untold Exhibition 2015 August, McKinsey & Company Office Exhibition 2016 July, and the Kenya Art Buyers Weekend exhibitions, where his works are exhibited monthly. Okamar’s works also featured in the affordable art show organized by the Kenya national museum 2016 October, His painting was among the best that were exhibited by the Manjano yearly competition. Since 2016 his paintings have been featured in the Dusit D2 hotel where exhibition pop ups are organised at the end of every month. He has made an impression in the international arena, where his works were exhibited in Saatchi gallery – London 2014 October and Washington DC 2014 November organised by the Mask Prize. He has won two MASK Prize Awards: 2014 second prize and 2016. His work was published in the Kenya Art Diary 2016 and one of his painting was once named the most creative painting by the Kenyan "star" newspapers. Okamar is a member of Portraits Africa, Kenya Visual Artists Asassociation and Annual Kathatica National Artists Retreat where he was invited to mentor other artists who were in the retreat. His works have been vast collected both locally and internationally by mainly private collectors from Australia, UK, USA, Canada,Spain, Germany and India.

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