The Dream

The Dream

By Boniface Maina



‘The Dream’ is a depiction of the mysteries of a dream with the idea of a dream as a puzzle/mystery/riddle that one has to figure out. In most cases, one remembers fragments of a dream. This then becomes a story told within circles of close friends or in some instances kept to oneself.
It is mostly said that a dream is never complete. Is it because of the expectation of orderly continuity that one has?

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Dimensions 80 × 120 cm

Boniface Maina

Born in Nanyuki town- Kenya in 1987, Boniface Maina is one of Kenya’s fast rising emerging artist. He attended junior school and high school in the same town. In 2006, he relocated to Nairobi city and attended YMCA Training Institute to study Art and Design where he graduated with a diploma. Now living and working in Nairobi, Maina gained interest in drawing and painting with acrylics as his favourite medium. He is inspired by basic human reactions and his daily encounters which he shows with his surrealistic figures. Maina is currently working with a combination of abstract expressionism and surrealism. With a touch of imagination, he says, he gets to express humanity in an extra-ordinary way and this is evident in his subjects. In previous exhibitions, he pokes the wealthy nations and questions their motives with their love affair with lower nations and the oddities of foreign policies. There are also a few pieces on love, music and more love. Take your time falling in love with his pieces; it will be a rich and long-lasting relationship. Maina is founding member of BRUSH TU and DISCOVERED ARTISTIC TALENTS (DArTs). He also is a volunteer artist at ZAWADI ART SOCIETY- a community-based art program.

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