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Dimensions 60 x 60 cm

Tom Mboya

Tom Mboya is a Kenyan born artist based at the Go Down Arts Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. He has spent most of his life drawing and painting. Tom had the opportunity to study technical drawing and design in secondary school.  On graduating, he trained as a hotelier at the Kenya Utalii College and even managed an establishment before deciding to follow his passion for visual arts and painting. He joined the Godown Art Centre in 2008 as a fulltime artist majoring in painting. His work revolves around the co-existence of humans, animals and nature in all its beauty. His artistic style is expressionism done in warm acrylics or oil colours using sound brush strokes. Tom has exhibited his artwork at both local and international art exhibitions, including the Kenya National Museum, The Kenya Art Fair, Gallery Watatu, Pinks Gallery, Go Down Arts Centre and Talisman Restaurant. Tom has donated his art pieces and mentors young art students.

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