Untitled, Journey Series


By Moira Bushkimani


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Moira Bushkimani

Mixed media artist Moira Bushkimani was born on the 20th of December 1990. While in highschool, she discovered her love of art in an environment where creativity was met with resources. Best known for her metallic, fabric and acrylic collages, she explores themes around masks as a social necessity in the world we live in today. Using fire tinted beer cans hammered onto board, Moira creates scenes and characters that describe the various experiences that put together our crudely yet carefully created facades. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, she uses seed pods, seeds and feathers among other material to create miniature surreal realms and characters whom she photographs and turns into digital art. Moira has been part of 5 group exhibitions and had her first solo exhibition in June 2017.

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