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Okeya Odhiambo

Having dropped the option to become a teacher for a bachelors degree in fine art, I Okeya Anthony Odhiambo came to a conclusion that I was to be an artist. during my tender ages, I spent most of my time modelling with clay soil with friends and reinventing toy cars when alone. My love for nature inspired me to keep a collection of insects that i would draw during class time. Later in my high school I would go for Science Congress and instead take part in art sessions organised by BIC stationery competitions. This was my first broad platform where my drawings were first showcased and featured in THE INSIDER magazine In the year 2012. Having joined the college. I pursued my passion of art not fully though. I ventured in INTERIOR DESIGN, PRINT MAKING, and ANIMATION. PAINTING is a skill that I have developed from my fellow artists that have inspired me. This also has enabled me to express my love for THE ALMIGHTY's creation. and now I venture more in Landscape painting more than any other art form.

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