Valentine’s Bloomings

Valentine’s Bloomings

By Frank Tulula

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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm

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Frank Tulula

Frank Tulula (2lula) is a visual artist and musician from Nairobi, Kenya. His artistic journey started at 6 years old after he saw a well drawn fish in his elder brother's science book. Since then creating art has been a nearly daily experience. After years developing his drawing style, he enrolled at the Nairobi Art Centre where he was trained in painting by Kenyan artist Allan Juma. Shortly after that, he was introduced to digital art by experimenting with the mobile application, Picsart. This led to exploration of other graphic sand editing software such as photoshop, inkskape, lightroom and many others. He used these various artistic skills in combination to create visual art that he began to post on social media under the moniker Spark in the Dark. After gaining a bit of a following he began to contemplate a way of making his artwork a bit more realistic by incorporating actual people in the works rather than representations of them and so began the journey that led to the creation of the Spark in the Dark agency that seeks to facilitate creation of artwork collaboratively with other artists skilled in various artforms. Having spent time as a full time artist, he understood the plight of the unknown African artist who is passionate but lacks the opportunity and resources to create the art he/she desires. Through collaboration Spark in the Dark became a cause through which 2lula could create art himself while giving opportunities to other artists.

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